The FedEE HR Counsel® Programme

Welcome to your very own eLearning zone! Here you can take individual modules by watching presentations, testing your understanding of what you have heard/seen and then undertaking some individual research to extend your learning into the jurisdictions that interest you. You can also track your advancing studies on a step-by-step basis and through the aid of your overall progress bar.

This course is carefully designed to maximise your acquisition of new knowledge by gaining and retaining your attention in available moments between a heavy work schedule and directing your focus to areas of the law that will give you the insights you need to do your job.

Some of the early modules may not seem immediately relevant to your everyday needs, but they are necessary to act as foundations for later learning. In fact, Course one should bring all participants to a broadly common point of understanding, so that they can get the best out of subsequent parts of the course. Some of the most essential modules in the course concern HR and the criminal law, employment status, employment contracts and discrimination – all of which are in Course two of the Programme.

If you meet problems during your studies, or need clarification about any aspect of the course, please contact your personal tutor at