FedEE Academy Privacy Statement (2020)

Your personal privacy matters a great deal to us. The sources of personal data about FedEE Academy registered users are the users themselves, our principal contact in the member organization, the organisation’s website, public telephone directories or company registration records.

The data consists of contact and payment details, course/meeting registration attendance, enquiries and comments from course participants and others, correspondence, completed course materials, projects and assessments. We utilize the data to maintain membership and course completion/attendance records, the settlement of accounts, assess course participants and communicate with them and others relevant to our operations.

All personal data for natural persons gathered, processed, stored and utilized by the FedEE Academy is kept to a minimum, collected for specific and justifiable purposes, stored securely, not revealed to any party outside of the FedEE administration and not held longer than strictly necessary. 

The way we handle personal data fully complies with FedEE’s own data privacy and protection code of practice, drawn up jointly through a member working group ahead of the GDPR. This is available free to members in the FedEE knowledgebase or on request via academy@fedee.com.

We identify “sensitive personal data” as defined by the GDPR and ensure that it is subject to necessary additional safeguards.

In common with all data transmitted via the Internet, personal data will be present in the ether of the WWW for such time as is necessary to be received, stored and utilized. Moreover, FedEE utilizes cloud technology – via WordPress and directly – for data storage, although protected by encryption and the use of VPN for access, using virus-protected mac systems.

All FedEE personnel are subject to employment contractual clauses that strictly limit their access to, and processing of, all personal data and bind them to respect data privacy in perpetuity. Only the minimum of staff members are allowed access to databases containing personal data provided by members, fellows, course participants, users and third parties. The only third party allowed access to the detailed course data and participant output will be the appointed independent course Moderator. They will be bound by a contract to ensure they fully respect privacy rights, handle personal data securely and maintain strict confidentiality.

Some course participant data is held securely by the membership database company ‘Wild Apricot’ in Toronto, Canada (a country with formal EU adequacy status), but accessed only within the EU. In the unlikely event of a data breach all those affected will be notified immediately and the relevant data protection authority informed. If any user wishes to obtain a copy of what we hold on file about them, please contact the FedEE Membership Secretary on admin@fedee.com. We recognise that all data subjects have the right to be forgotten and will completely remove all personal data about a specific and identifiable data subject upon request.